Frequently asked questions

Please find below a range of FAQs, if you require any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we get. This may cover some of the questions you have, but if not, please ask us. If we haven’t covered what you want to know and we’ll answer your question and add it.

Q. What do I wear to the trial class?
A. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in, preferably long trousers/tracksuit bottoms (not jeans) and a t-shirt/sweatshirt. Please note, for safety reasons there is no jewellery, watches, piercings etc are allowed to be worn during training. Don’t forget to bring a non-fizzy drink in a resealable bottle/sports bottle.

Q. Can I come to watch a class before signing up?
A. We’ve always found that joining in is better than sitting and watching! However, if you would prefer to watch a class first, please contact us first for details.

Q. When/Where do I pay?
A. Training fees are due at the start of each month and are paid by standing order, this payment is controlled by you. Please note: we train through the school holidays and only stop for a break at Christmas.

Q. Are there any forms that need to be filled out?
A. Yes, you will be sent a link to the appropriate forms that are online. 

Q. I have previous experience in a different style of Tae Kwon-Do, can I keep my grade?
A. If you have previous martial arts experience, please speak with us. Depending on what level of experience you have and from what style of Tae Kwon-Do you may be able to join at your previous grade. In many cases, though it’s good to participate in the beginner class if the style you practiced previously was significantly different.

Q. Do I have to purchase a uniform and when/where do I get one?
A. If you wish to progress or grade, then you will need a uniform. Some parents want to double-check that their child will continue with the training, we have allowed for that in one of the enrolment options. All equipment and clothing is purchased through us as and when it’s necessary. This ensures that you have the appropriate equipment and it meets our safety requirements.

Q. What happens if I miss classes?
A. Life can be busy and unpredictable, so missing some classes is inevitable. So it’s recommended that members who miss classes practice the material they’ve already covered at home to stay as current as possible and not lose ground. 

Tae Kwon-Do however is a physical skill that needs to be practiced in order to develop and refine. A minimum class attendance is required if a student wishes to be considered for advancement to the next belt level. Attendance registers are taken in class.

Q. What are the requirements for belt tests?
A. Some people enjoy the challenge of grading and advancing in grade as it allows them to benchmark their progress and set future goals within Tae Kwon-Do to work towards. Advancing in rank is not a requirement of the club as our main purpose is to give our members the opportunity to train and enjoy the traditional art of Tae Kwon-Do. For those who do wish to participate in gradings (or belt assessments for our Tigers) they must train regularly, meet the minimum class attendance, and reach the appropriate proficiency level of the belt they will be testing for. You will receive access to the requirements for each grade upon joining.

Q. Is there contact?
A. Our style of Tae Kwon-Do is traditional and touch-contact in the dojang. However, there is always the possibility of incidental contact or injury in any martial art, sport, or physical activity. Injuries are very rare in our clubs and we strive to ensure the safety of all members during practice. Touch-contact means there’s controlled physical interaction between participants as this is a martial art and there will be physical interaction through drills and partner work. 

Sparring at tournaments through the Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain does have touch contact rules. All participation in tournaments in the sparring and non-sparring divisions is 100% up to each member and is not a requirement for advancement in rank at the club.

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