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    I understand that there is an inherent risk of physical injury in the practice and learning of a contact sport such as Tae Kwon-Do. Whilst the TAGB
    and Association schools and Instructors will take all reasonable steps to minimise the likelihood of an accident, the risk of physical injury cannot be eliminated. There is a particular risk in the context of competitions, courses and grading exercises which by their nature are likely to result in an individual approaching and potentially exceeding the limits of their skills and physical ability. The acceptance of an individual’s application to participate in a competition, course or to undertake a grading exercise does not constitute and should not be considered as constituting any form of confirmation or assurance by the TAGB or any Association School or Instructor to the effect that individual has the necessary skill or physical ability to safely complete such competition, course or grading exercise, it being the individual’s sole responsibility to judge such matters for themselves. If an individual has any doubt whatsoever as to their ability to safely complete any exercise in the context of a competition, course, grading exercise or otherwise it is the responsibility of the individual to withdraw from the same. The TAGB, and Association schools and Instructors accept no liability for injuries sustained in the course of practicing and learning of Tae Kwon-Do save for injuries attributed to the negligence of the TAGB, and Association schools and Instructors. Insurance in respect of such risks is included in your annual membership. In signing this
    declaration I accept the above recited disclaimer of liability and also agree to abide by the rules of the TAGB as amended from time to time should
    I be accepted as a participant of this event

    I clearly understand that my participation in the event is entirely at my own risk, I certify that the facts stated are correct and I am fit to take part in the event.

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