Martial Arts for Teenagers – Cadets

Welcome to MPowered Cadets

Today’s world is tough and it keeps getting harder for teenagers. This is why we belive that martial arts for teenagers is the best solution. Our Cadets programme is for 13-17 year olds.

MPowered MA. Some of ourcadets kicking pads during our martial arts for teenagers sessions.

The very foundation of our cadets’ programme is essential, so the education and development of life skills are key.

These include a positive mental attitude, goal setting, perseverance, self-control and confidence.

We teach the same values you teach

As soon as children hit puberty, people start treating them differently. Our martial arts for teenagers classes are designed for teens. So many people still treat them as children, yet they want to be treated more maturely, more as an adult. They often don’t get the right kind of attention, support, or encouragement they want or need. Many teens turn away from sports or groups because of this reason alone.

It’s our goal to create a safe and encouraging, learning environment. A place where they can learn self-defence and discipline, whilst getting fit, without being ridiculed for their mistakes. This sense of belonging will boost their confidence. This will enable them to deal with the high-pressure situations, because they have to face this on a daily basis, through either school, college or home life.

Our classes are a superb way for teenagers to get be active with their peers, sharing similar goals and standards. Because we expand their network of friends with positive influences and activities, they’ll increase their social skills.

They also work on improving focus, leadership skills, respect, and discipline among others – enabling them to achieve success both inside and outside the training hall!

Parenting should not have to be a stressful task you face alone, so let us help you equip your teenager for success in the real world. Your child’s potential is waiting. Start their martial arts journey today and empower them with confidence, focus and self-defence skills that will last a lifetime.

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