Junior Martial Arts (Age 8-12 Years)

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So often when we think of martial arts, we imagine the adults in the class. We forget that there should also be opportunities for the younger generation as well, junior martial arts.

Experience our Junior Martial Arts programme for yourself!

When you choose martial arts for your child, you’re giving them great opportunities to learn what we see as the core aspects of martial arts. Confidence, discipline, control, and respect.

In essence, these are core aspects we’re trying to teach when we’re trying to teach these younger ones about martial arts. In other words, martial arts teaches us about ourselves—and it helps teach our children what’s important as well.

MPowered MA Junior punching a pad during a junior martial arts session

Kids need to be protected.

MPowered Junior Martial Arts is designed to provide kids with that confidence and the self-defence skills they need to be safe on the playground today and in life tomorrow. Parents don’t want their kids to grow up being pushed around by bullies. Learning self-defence skills means learning how to avoid confrontation and build confidence. Never worry about your child’s safety again. There’s more than one way to become strong!

Help equip your child for success!

So, say goodbye to stress and hello to confidence. Our junior programme provides children with physical and mental health benefits. Start your child’s junior martial arts journey today and empower them with skills that will last a lifetime.

Support and encouragement

Even though junior martial arts classes are designed for children, they grow fast, many people still treat them differently. They don’t offer the same kind of attention, support, or encouragement. Many kids turn away from sports or activities because of this reason alone.

Become a martial arts parent and give them the confidence they need to tackle any challenge in their future life. Junior does not mean inferior.

Come join us today.

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