Self Defence

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Self-Defence is a valuable and well proven tool to increase your safety and prevent assaults.

Self-defence is about self-protection and about prevention. Learning how to establish and enforce boundaries, assert yourself and safely de-escalate situations. As far as techniques go, there is no difference between what women and men learn.

Why is Self-Defence so important?

In today’s world, knowledge is power. With that in mind, being familiar with good personal safety awareness, coupled with simple, yet effective techniques are essential. They should also be easy to remember. Our self-defence workshops do exactly that. We focus on both the physical techniques as well as fine-tuning your overall general personal safety awareness.

The reality of protecting yourself and loved ones is that you don’t need to be a martial arts expert or sporty, but simply learn the basics. Our workshops and seminars are well structured. We teach simple, but extremely effective techniques, that can reduce the risk of injury from an attacker. This greatly increasing your odds in a situation and could possibly save your life.

Self Defence

Do People Know How to Defend Themselves?

It is fair to say; these days a big percentage of the population would not know how to defend or protect themselves. That’s not to say that they couldn’t defend themselves but rather, they have poor safety awareness in an attacker situation.

Unless you have been taught the basic self-defence techniques, it is more than likely a victim will react to a situation by either freezing in fear or panic. Avoiding dangerous situations is hugely important for your overall safety, with physical self-defence being the last option, but an important final element for your overall personal safety. It’s lessons such as these that are vital and why we are trying to encourage as many people as possible to sign up for our self-defence workshops.

Research shows that a large percentage of people who fight back get out of a situation!

In our self-defence workshops we focus more on the practical empowerment of youngsters and adults, providing them with general personal safety awareness, as well as the tools to deal with a violent situation.

Individuals leave our workshops feeling they have grown in confidence and their ability to protect themselves.

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