Tae Kwon-Do Enrolment – Step 2

Congratulations on completing the enrolment form. Now let’s get you set up with access to our members’ area. This is where you’ll find our online resources, including your syllabus, training videos as well as our merchandise and other Tae Kwon-Do equipment, and a full list of events.

You’ll also be able to pay for the enrolment packages there.

Please complete the form below and it will automatically set up your membership.
Parents please note, put in your child’s name if they are training and you aren’t, that way we can match names.

For UserName combine the first name and last name together OR an email address
eg JohnSmith OR j.smith@anyemail.com

Add in the best email address to be used, parents, this can be your email address if you prefer.

Create a password. Try to ensure it is 8 characters minimum with a mix of upper and lower case letters, along with numbers and special characters. You’ll need to repeat the password in the box below that, just to make sure you have remembered it correctly.

The first name and Last name are that of the student.

Press Register once you have completed all boxes. You’ll then be taken through to the enrolment/membership package options. Select the membership package you want and you’ll be able to see the payment options there too.

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