1st Dan – 3 Star

1st Dan to 1st Dan 3 Star – Minimum Requirements

  • One year training time since 2 star assessment or 3 years since 1st Dan grading.
  • Attend at least one TAGB Black Belt training session every six months.
  • Attend all pre-grading sessions immediately prior to the assessment.
  • Train with your instructor on a regular basis.
  • Must have a current TAGB licence for the whole of the training period.

Junior Black Belts

All Black Belts who are under sixteen years old do not need to attend the Umpires courses, but the minimum training time must be double.

Black Belt Licence Booklet

ll Black Belts must ensure that they get their Licence Booklet stamped when attending tournaments, training sessions, and courses.

1st Dan to 3 Star Assessment

Example Line Work

FWD Low KHGB – Slip Front foot Circular Block
BWD Double Forearm Block – Reverse Low Block
FWD Double Turning Kick – Reverse Punch
BWD Soopyong Jirigi
FWD Low Side Kick – Middle Side kick –  LS Inward Knife Hand Strike
BWD U-Shape Grasp
FWD Jumping Turning Kick No Step – Pressing Block Normal Speed
BWD X-Knife Hand Block – LS Single upset Punch Opp Hand to shoulder
FWD Twist Kick – Double Punch
BWD No 9 Block WS
FWD Turning Kick – Jumping Side Kick – Twin Vertical Punch – Guarding Block
BWD Rising Block – Low Block – Double Arc Hand
FWD Front Leg Hook Kick Turning Kick – Rear Leg Axe Kick – Reverse Punch
BWD Jumping Spinning Back Kick – Inner Forearm Wedging Block  WS


Choice of coloured belt pattern
All 3 black belt patterns


1 Step sparring
Free Sparring x 2 rounds.

Power Test

Any hand technique (including elbow)
Any rear leg standing kick.
Choice of right or left techniques, using the correct attacking tools and executing full power.
Against a kickshield or strike mate. 

Tae Kwon-Do Theory

All Korean terminology and Tae Kwon-Do theory up to this grade.

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